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If you would be so kind, please contact us by phone between the hours of AM to PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-345-7669 and one of our knowledgeable specialists will be happy to resolve these network issues at your convenience." If this is happening to more than one person don't you think EA needs to fix the problem?This is totaly unacceptable, it enrages me that this still isn't fixed just because the ps4 came out doesn't mean you half * fix a game on last gen seriously get your act together this is pathetic...

To clean a Disc, use lint-free cleaning cloths made specifically for cleaning CD/DVD Discs, sold at computer software stores.The install process will get all the way to 0 and then permanently freeze the game.When cleaning the Disc, we recommend starting from the innermost circle, and wiping out to the edge in a straight line.5) There is a chance that while loading a newly generated world the game will freeze, the progress bar stalls, remains only grey, and you must hold the PS button and select "Quit Game" and then the PS3 will do a fault and restart the machine.Once the game freezes during these spots, the world becomes corrupted.

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We tried one more time today, and this time it froze during a manual save.Just look at the most recent threads and you'll see tons of other people have this issue.This is a huge problem that actually affects a lot of games, and it doesn't appear like Sony or any game developers are aware of this change.Since then we tried every combination of workarounds, and googling on the internet to find a fix, and nothing can prevent this issue.