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Cartagena, Colombia, is a gorgeous seaside city known for tropical breezes, beautiful beaches — and a thriving sex tourism industry.

Prostitution is legal in much of Colombia, and the abundance of sex workers has made the country the “Thailand of Latin America,” as well as an alluring destination for randy foreign visitors.

Among those who allegedly succumbed to the nation’s temptations were federal agents assigned to protect President Obama — but who instead tried to be secretly serviced. Hookers can readily be found in hotels, bars and parks, especially in tourist-friendly cities like Cartagena, Barranquilla and Bogota. Many hotels keep rooms available for prostitutes to use by the hour — and get a cut of the profit in return.

Secret Service agents busted because they refused to pay hooker: source Though technically prostitution is limited to so-called “tolerance zones” in certain Colombian cities, local authorities rarely restrict the activity to brothels, according to a U. Marriage and dating services in Cartagena — a popular destination for North Americans and Europeans — are often fronts for sex tourism, according to U. Websites and ads in clubs advertise hookers for hire, while one Colombian women’s advocacy group released a study estimating that one in two people on Cartagena streets after dark are in the sex trade.

Beyond the city’s well-heeled downtown, Cartagena is largely composed of poor neighborhoods, filled with workers who turn to sex to make ends meet — or to satisfy a drug addiction, according to the group, Fundación Renacer.

Lee Robert Moore, 37, has been locked up since November on similar federal charges filed in Delaware. Authorities in the initial case said he was communicating with at least two undercover officers and at least two minors.

Secret Service officer already charged with "sexting" with underage girls while he was on duty at the White House was indicted Thursday in South Florida on three new federal charges of inappropriate sexual contact with a minor in Broward County.

The new indictment, filed in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, deals with a girl.

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Moore's arrest was one of a series of recent embarrassments for the Secret Service, dating to 2012, when more than a dozen agents and officers were accused of hiring prostitutes during a presidential trip to South America. Prosecutors said this "selfie" is a still image from a video he took of himself - in uniform and on-duty at the White House complex - and sent it to at least one of the alleged victims. Prosecutors said this "selfie" is a still image from a video he took of himself - in uniform and on-duty at the White House complex - and sent it to at least one of the alleged victims.

(Sun Sentinel / Federal court records)Federal prosecutors in Delaware said Moore, a uniformed Secret Service officer, frequently engaged in online chats while he was on duty at the White House.

In one chat, they said he asked an undercover officer he thought was a 14-year-old girl to send him something "exciting" because "work sucks today" on a day when he was checking IDs for people entering the White House complex.

In another chat, he sent a photograph of his penis to one of the undercover officers who was posing as a teenage girl, according to court records.

He used two mobile phone services, Meet24 and Kik, to communicate with underage girls, investigators said.Prosecutors said Moore destroyed digital evidence of his misconduct when he learned he was under scrutiny on Nov.6, days before agents from Homeland Security Investigations planned to arrest him.Investigators said Moore learned of the investigation when Secret Service officials went to his home and told him he was being suspended because of an unspecified investigation, contrary to how prosecutors and investigators had told them to handle the matter.