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22-Dec-2018 12:28

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Scorpio and Aquarius have a magnetic attraction, while also sensing a disturbance in the force.

As Zodiac signs, they square each other, creating some electric friction.

And yet, that very charge creates a delicious tension and brings them back for more.

If there's intrigue, the strong magnetism there makes for an exciting affair.

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Scorpio is intrigued by human puzzles, and Aquarius is full of quirky traits to be curious about.They're both drawn to the fringes, and dates lead them to the experimental, the taboo or to unusual places.Aquarius doesn't blink at Scorpio's extreme views and moods, being a radical non-judger, and prone to off-the-wall opinions, too.In that atmosphere, Scorpio relaxes and be as far out as they need to be.

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Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility makes for an edgy, unusual and at times fraught relationship, but with lots of hard work, this couple can begin to understand the gulf of differences between them and to appreciate one another’s unique outlooks.… continue reading »

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Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio zodiac signs.… continue reading »

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