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14-Jan-2019 02:50

After a 30 year hiatus, I'm looking to play trumpet again and am looking for a good instrument to be used in a community band setting and weekend wedding/coffee house jazz type gigs. Can anyone offer as to which Strad may be the best out of the bunch based on serial number? He may feel a blow difference which you might only notice later, when you are on your game.

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Besides the obvious regarding dents and other damage, things to look for include: 1.Intonation - look closely at the low D and Db, as well as 4th space D, Eb, and E.I saw a post one time where someone said to play scales in the key of B because that key was notorious for being out of tune.Don't base your decision on that scale alone, but it could help you decide. When you pull them out a half inch and let go, do they pop back to position, or close to it? Can you see evidence of corrosion anywhere inside the tubing?

You might also find that certain valve combinations are always a bit out, no matter which notes. This is hard to see, but you might be able to get some clues looking into the leadpipe, especially at the mouthpiece end.

Does the mouthpiece fit securely in the receiver or does it feel like it's "hitting bottom"? How does the blow differ between the horns as you approach high C? You won't be able to check much about the valve alignment without some neat tools, but you can look in the second valve slide ports and see how that valve lines up with the ports when the valve is down.