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20-Sep-2018 02:03

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She eventually relaxed and just laid there limp under Junior. It seems like its been awhile since I\'ve had the extreme pleasure of feeling your hard cock buried deep in my ass pumping me full of your sperm.\That sounds great mom, it has been awhile since I butt fucked you. You said to Junior that you would like for him to get you pregnant if you were fertile.\Oh I\'m not fertile anymore. I think that one of your little tadpoles attached itself to one of my eggs and is now growing in my belly.\Of course I remember, but you said to Junior that you wanted him to get you pregnant if you were still fertile.\Whenever I get real horny and am being fucked, I desire to have whoever is fucking me to get me pregnant.When she noticed that I was awake, she said, \Good morning baby. I don\'t know why, it is just a feeling that comes over me at times.I\'m sure you have impregnated me the other night and if you didn\'t, then I\'m sure I have a black baby growing in my belly from either Jack or Craig.Anyway, I\'m sure I\'m no longer fertile.\By this time Junior had rolled off my mom and she turned over onto her stomach offering her ass to me.

Junior had reached for the Vaseline, squeezed out a big glob onto his finger saying, \Here, let me prepare your ass Jackie for you son\'s cock.\ He reached over and very energetically stuck his middle finger up my mom\'s ass as she groaned with pleasure. Oh yes Junior, finger fuck my tight asshole, it feels sooo good.\ Junior continued probing her ass first with one finger then with two, shoving them up her ass as far as he could.She enthusiastically wiggle her ass while also reaching back with both hands to spread her buns responding, \Have I ever told you how much I love having my asshole played with, especially having your finger shoved up my ass? Oh dam your finger feels so good up inside my ass, I can\'t wait to feel Glenn\'s cock in my ass. He eventually removed his hand saying, \Your mom\'s ass is all yours Glenn, fuck your slut mother really good and hard.I love to watch her get fucked all most as much as I love to fuck her myself.\ I wasted no time in straddling my mom\'s hips as I lowered my pelvis down toward her ass guiding my cock into her enlarged asshole.With very little pressure, the head of my cock disappeared inside her bunghole.