Cfgridupdate not updating

09-Oct-2018 05:45

Hi, I am using BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE to change the target quantity ( ZMENG ) of the Standard sales order. I am getting no error message in the bapi return table but the data is not getting updated in the database. I am also calling commit work ' BAPI_transaction_Commit'. Please let me know if there is an alternative to this BAPI. thanks, Hitanshu Hitanshu, You need to use as well the schedule line table and change the qty overthere. Did you use the schedule_linesx and order_item_inx to tell which fields you want to update?

cfgridupdate not updating-38

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Users can sort the grid entries in ascending order by double-clicking any column header.Double-clicking again sorts the grid in descending order. When users select grid data and submit the form, Cold Fusion passes the selection information as form variables to the application page specified in the tag provides many attributes that control grid behavior and appearance.This chapter describes only the most important of these attributes.For detailed information on these attributes, see CFML Reference For more information on controlling the cell contents, see the attribute descriptions in CFML Reference.