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If you look nervous or distressed, you’re already sending out the wrong signal to her. A warm smile is one of the first things she’ll notice and can open the door to a conversation. If your eyes wander, you could appear disinterested or nervous, and she might construe that as apathy.She’s also more likely to smile back in response, which can put her more at ease. Pretty girls are often used to men acting anxiously around them, so meeting her gaze and holding it can set you apart from others that she’s talked to in the past.3 Compliment a specific feature about her, such as her eyes, her smile or a specific piece of jewelry that she has on.She’ll ideally be flattered, and this opens up the potential for further conversation.

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Tips: Two drinks are enough; Compliments are good; Don’t push the sexual interactions; Be careful with when she says “How about a kiss?The different difficulty levels is a realy nice feature.Seems the virtual date games get more realistic each time.I like this one pretty well have not got all the endings yet so hopefully there`s nothing in it that`s a turn off for me One thing that is irritating is I don`t see a score or influence meter or anything to know for sure what`s the right or wrong answers.