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J and I were wandering the streets when the grey clouds rolled in and the rain started to pour.We were looking for an escape to hide from the cold and, hopefully, get a drink.And like a gift from God, the Irish pub appeared in the distance.We walked into the warm and cozy Irish pub and immediately waltzed to the wooden counter where we saw that familiar harp of Guinness calling our names.J and I grabbed our Guinness and clanked our glasses together in cheers.Soon one Guinness turned into three, and before we knew it J and I somehow found ourselves in conversation with real Irishmen that happened to wander into the pub.Despite the hangover the next day, I still remembered the words of my fellow Irishman.

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I have heard tales of various travelers and friend claiming Italian, Spanish and Portuguese citizenship successfully.Keep in mind, however, each process varies by nation, so what works for Ireland may not work for the others. America allows dual citizenship with Ireland–you will not have to give up your American citizenship to become Irish. How to Apply Believe it or not, applying for Irish citizenship is ridiculously easy.You will also not have to pay any additional taxes if you become Irish unless you work there and start to make income in Ireland. In fact, it was one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had with government in any country ever. Finbar (yes, that’s his real name) emailed me with directions on how to claim my citizenship. The hardest part about applying is getting all of the paperwork to prove that your grandparent was, indeed, born in Ireland. The thought of mailing in so many original documents is frightening, right? I mean, seriously, who still has the original birth certificate of their grandparent born in Ireland?(FYI, America is the only country that taxes its citizens even if they aren’t living or working in the U. Well, have no fear, THE IRISH GOVERNMENT WILL RETURN ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTS. Surprisingly, my aunt told me she had my grandmother’s birth certificate and mailed it to me upon request.