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25-Nov-2018 04:53

Here's the deal: I love my married girlfriends. But there is something strange that happens the minute they say "I do." It's as though that ring serves as a mind eraser—they slip it on and instantly start saying things like "You'll get there," as my married younger sister said to me a few months ago, a beatific smile on her face.(Excuse me, Karyn, didn't I just make you carry my book bag to school, like, five minutes ago?) So, with a quick shout-out to all my married friends (let's do dinner at your place, as usual), a list of what I find, at times, utterly annoying about them:__…love to complain about how dirty their diamond rings are as they show them off.__ (Yep, I can hardly see the twinkle through all that soap scum.)…expect their single friends to provide a constant stream of "hilarious" stories about our "crazy" dating lives.

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I know he'd really appreciate it if you e-mailed him to say, Congratulations! …have the things we (most of us) want: a built-in support system, a set of ridiculously expensive mixing bowls, on-demand sex with a guy who has no choice but to stay the night.

'"…always leave early on girls' night out. I could go on, but maybe it's time for married women to have their say…Having been with my husband for more than eight years, it would be easy for me to forget the plight of the single woman—that is, if I hadn't spent most of my life being the singlest single girl around.

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