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Ana Celia de Armas Caso (born 30 April 1988) is a Cuban actress.

She made her acting debut in 2006 in the Spanish film Una rosa de Francia.

She also starred in the popular Spanish television show El Internado.

In 2015 she starred in her first American film Knock Knock followed by Exposed, Hands of Stone, War Dogs and Blade Runner 2049. Her first major television success there was the Spanish TV series El Internado, in which she starred as Carolina Leal, airing on Antena 3 in 2007. In 2015, she starred in Knock Knock, alongside Keanu Reeves, whom she also co-starred with in the 2016 film Exposed.

She continued her career in the film Mentiras y gordas (2009), the TV series Hispania, la leyenda (2010–2012), and Blind Alley (2011). She credits Hands of Stone director Jonathan Jakubowicz as having "discovered her" since he gave her the first international role in his Robert De Niro boxing epic which premiered in Cannes 2016.

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Her performance in the film received high praise and has been characterized as a breakout role.

Latinos may now be the largest racial minority in the United States, but their rise in numbers hasn’t necessarily made it easier for them to challenge stereotypes.

Racial stereotypes about Latinos abound in television and film.

This overview of the most common Hispanic stereotypes portrayed in the media—from maids to gangbangers—reveals why sweeping generalizations about Latinos are harmful.​In the earlier days of television and film, African Americans were the racial group most likely to portray domestic workers.

Black housekeepers played key roles in television sitcoms such as 1950’s “Beulah” and films such as 1939’s “Gone With The Wind.” By the 1980s, however, Latinos increasingly replaced blacks as Hollywood’s domestics.

The 1987 TV show “I Married Dora” was even about a man who married his Latina housekeeper to prevent her from being deported.