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09-Jan-2019 12:58

RU DENGI-V-DOLG-NA-KARTU-BEZ-PROVERKI-KREDITNOJ-ISTORII. RU DFEQOCJKLMNVBCGDETFHWTSGDROKEIFJGHTDCBVHSFGDTEQPMCNNVBHDGRTZC. RU DOM-2-23-06-IYUNYA-2016-VECHERNII-NOCHNOI-EFIR-SMOTRET-ONLAIN. RU DOTA-2-MOD-REBORN-CHANGER-ARCANA-TEXTURE-HUDRUS-ANNOUNCER-DOTA2. Everything you could desire for a business and entertainment handset.I’ve put instructions together on how to change the Product Code of your E71 and update the firmware to the latest Generic EURO1 version.Install latest version of NSS from B-Freaks (as Virtual device) 2.Unfortunately, your product code did not work for my particular phone (0569371).

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Your current Product Code should be displayed, please take note of this.

Click the ‘Enable’ box next to Product Code and change the code from 0570631 (3UK) to 0567045 (EURO1).

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