Fiona apple dating

18-Nov-2018 15:51

For over an hour on Thursday night, Fiona Apple and Blake Mills turned the Newmark Theatre into a musician's playground, touching on jazz, country and the unfiltered animal of Apple's 2012 masterpiece, , itself a seemingly reluctant album that only saw release after a fervent "Free Fiona" fan campaign, and when she emerged with her first tour dates in ages in spring 2012, the music press greeted her with wonder.

Their new song was Apple's first co-write, she announced, and in another first, they played seductive track "The First Taste," a song Mills said had never been performed live.

Another new song found her reach up the piano in ascending arpeggios and calling out for love, the chorus lingering on the word "You." They played through a number of favorites, making time for Mills' slyly funny material, including "Don't Tell Our Friends About Me," a country song given brief feminine perspective from an added Apple part.