How to stop twitter updating facebook status

06-Mar-2019 07:46

Your Twitter account posts your tweets on your Facebook Timeline automatically only if you've linked the two accounts.Instead of deleting each tweet manually from your Facebook Timeline, you can stop Twitter from sending your tweets to Facebook.You don't need to unlink the two accounts because Twitter lets you change its sharing settings.Note that Twitter may also post tweets on your Facebook pages.You can stop it from posting on your pages as well.

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I hadn’t changed any settings, added any applications, or even touched Facebook all day.When I looked at my Facebook wall, I saw that these tweets were actually somehow being routed through Friend Feed.I hardly ever use Friend Feed, but I do have some of my social networking profiles linked there so I assumed that perhaps they had just changed a setting.After looking at my Friend Feed profile I discovered that I don’t even have my Facebook profile linked to my Friend Feed account, nor do I have the Friend Feed app installed on Facebook, so that wasn’t the culprit.

Twitter's Facebook connection option makes it easy for your business to keep customers and colleagues on Facebook informed about company news. If you no longer want your tweets to post to Facebook, you can disconnect the sites completely or temporarily stop tweets from posting to your personal profile or business.… continue reading »

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