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Now, her time had come, and Lauren agreed to dress her up and take her to the mall for the outrageously priced photo of her in Santa's lap.

Katie oohed and aahed over all the decorations that were so meticulously covering every square surface of the mall, and Lauren fought to keep the distaste off her face, for her daughter's sake.

She did not want to be a scrooge, but she felt that people didn't even remember why they celebrate Christmas anymore; they did it because it has always been done, and it will always be done for that same reason.

They stood in line for what seemed like hours to Lauren, though Katie managed to keep up all the interesting chit-chat a 4-year-old manages to come up with.

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It amazed Lauren the things she noticed, sometimes; things Lauren took for granted, or didn't care to pay enough attention to.

They managed to make it to the front of the line finally, and it was Katie's turn to go talk to Santa.

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