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02-Feb-2019 19:00

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Rather, it speaks to a flavor of drama laden with regret, the supernatural, and romance in the midst of a darkened world.

No one has a better handle on this kind of wish-fulfilment like dear old Nummyz, whose early title, featured a mystical wood called Twilight Forest, where Canon Love Interest Fantom could be unlocked.

His creator, an enchanted body of water called The Pond, grew jealous after the protagonist took Fantom away and infected the world with its fumes.

This game opens with scientist and best-buddy, Mobley, tells Jenna to find Logan.

Logan’s an Aegis Hunter, a group of humans who haven’t been infected and fight back the monsters.

I question their use since I didn’t have any troubles, but budget restrictions can forgive a lot.

Whatever you decide to do, you’re whisked away to a wooded hub world where you can visit one of seven locations.

Five on the sign posts will take you to romance candidates, the tree lets you hunt cute animals for money, and the rock takes you to Jenna’s room.

The room is little more than a place to sleep or play dress-up, so you likely won’t bother with it.

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Heres the website for the game and yes my exp with him is already 520 and ive undone the.… continue reading »

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