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younger with increasing distance from a mid-ocean ridge.older with increasing distance from a mid-ocean ridge.older moving from south to north along the top of a mid-ocean particular pattern of age with respect to the mid-ocean ridges.If you tabulate the elevations of all parts of the globe--including the ones covered by water--an interesting fact emerges.Those elevations--it turns out--are not smoothly distributed, but tend to cluster in one of two neighborhoods.Most dry land has a modest elevation above sea level, while most of the ocean floor is about 3 kilometers (or 2 miles) lower down. where the ocean is about 1 kilometer deep, is much less.An atlas will show that in the oceans around the continental US, for instance, for a certain distance from land the depth slowly increases, but then the sea-bottom plunges down steeply to the lower level, where it stays. It means that the surface of the Earth is not a single terrain, varying smoothly, part of which happens to stick out above water. The oceans tend to be uniformly deep, while the continents are separate chunks, thick enough to rise above water (or, at their edges, be covered by shallow seas). between rock formations along matching edges, and in 1918 he proposed his theory of "continental drift"--that continents, like ice floes, drifted from one location to another.

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More evidence was needed, and it came from the Earth's magnetism.After molten lava emerges from a volcano, it solidifies to a rock.In most cases it is a black rock known as basalt, which is faintly magnetic, like iron emerging from a melt--for which Gilbert already noticed a similar process.Its magnetization is in the direction of the local magnetic force at the time when it cools down.