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It's fair to say that the 2002 range helped make BMW the force that it is today.Before the 02s and the Neue Klasse saloons that preceded them, BMW really was struggling to survive.Looking back, the success of the 02s is no great surprise - these are great-looking cars that are easy to look after but also a hoot to drive, thanks to torquey engines and safe but entertaining rear-wheel drive handling. It all started when BMW condensed the Neue Klasse's best attributes to a smaller, more affordable package.In 19-2 was launched: a two-door saloon, powered by a 96bhp version of the M10 engine from the 1600 saloon.BMW wanted to market the car in the US, but the sole engine choice was hampering sales, and the more powerful twin-carb 1600ti engine wasn't homologated for use Stateside.However, the 1991cc M10 engine from the 2000CS Coupe was, and inserting it into the smaller and lighter body spawned one of the greatest sporting saloons of the '60s: the 2002.

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A lot of these cars are on the market now, and even though they might look shiny on top, they can hide all sorts underneath.

• The main hot-spots are the rear spring boxes on the inner wheelarch housings, outer arches into the rear sill areas, inner and outer sills (especially around the four jacking points), front inner wings, the lower outer and inner front panels, front floors, lower A-post areas, inner front wing box sections and boot floors.