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17-Nov-2018 10:40

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This is a UI control for i OS and tv OS written in Swift.

It shows a star rating and takes rating input from the user.

Cosmos is a subclass of a UIView that will allow your users to post those inescapable 1-star reviews!

: Carthage setup method does not allow to customize Cosmos view from the storyboard, please do it from code instead.

One can position the Cosmos view using Auto Layout constaints.

The width and height of the view is determined automatically based on the size of its content - stars and text.

Therefore, there is no need to set width/height constaints on the Cosmos view.

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Alternatively, one can instantiate Note: you need to have the images for the filled and empty star in your project for this code to work.

Images for the golden star used in the demo app are available in here.

Contributions for other star images are very welcome: add vector images to directory and submit a pull request.

Here is how to use Cosmos in a scroll view or a table view.

This manual describes how to set/read Cosmos settings in Objective-C apps.

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