Talking robot chat sex

12-Jan-2019 13:18

THIS ultra-realistic sex doll can chat you up and even fall in love with you, its makers claim.A startling new video shows the erotic robot, named Harmony 2.0, telling how she finds sex "fascinating".And her chat is customisable, with 18 different personality traits ranging from "intellectual" and "shy" to "thrill-seeking" and "sexual".

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That’s when a San Marcos company will unveil Harmony, an anatomically correct sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head with programmable personality and memory.News of creator Matt Mc Mullen’s latest invention — he’s been making lifelike silicone sex dolls for 20 years — has created international media interest and a firestorm of criticism from ethicists and futurists who see a dark side to a sex doll that becomes more “human” with each technological innovation.One critic worries that the doll’s artificial intelligence app could be hacked to make it kill its owner (like the vengeance meted out by sex robots in the film “Ex Machina” and TV show “Westworld”).And women’s advocates say owners could realistically rehearse plans for violent sexual acts with the interactive dolls.

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