Travis clark dating demi lovato

19-Jan-2019 04:45

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have been friends for a really, really long time, and have celebrated a whole bunch of birthdays since their Camp Rock days.That means there's plenty of photographic evidence to enjoy from their younger years — including some regrettable sartorial choices involving neon green bandanas and purple flannel — and that's exactly how Jonas opted to share some love with his longtime pal and former tourmate on the occasion of her 25th birthday.Happy birthday @ddlovato we've seen a lot of life together already.. I admire you so much and am so grateful to have you in my life. I know you won't ever let me live it down that you're a month older than me.No,i read in a magazine and it just said that they'd became really close friends.Though i don't think they'd suit at all,even though she is pretty and he is FIT!!As they make me too jealous: P Plus,she always goes for older guys,she should try someone her own age or something for once!!

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But this artical was written really badly, Its so obviously a fake. just saying, I know Joe & Demi are cute for you guys, buts lets face it, she needs someone better than him, when she grows more and becomes an adult, who knows with who she would end up with, IT' S HER LIFE, let her be & either way she is still awesome wether she dates or not..I wouldn't make assumptions from just this artical. thats all i got to say No she is not dating trace any more, they dated ages ago but not now.she admitted in an interview that her and sterling were dating but i dont know if they still are.its not a big issue anyways coz she just turned 17 n hes 20 so no biggie.

they do make a cute couple though : D his nickname for demi is dem dem aww how i said they were dating a few months ago but i dont know if they still are.x Everyone here who is saying they aren't bc they are too different..can u call yourself a Demi fan. She's talking about how she's standing strong with a dude who's a trainwreck, someone who is her opposite and how she's in love. No, there is no evidence to show that her and Sterling Knight are dating, they might have some on- screen chemistry but in real life they're just friends.I think they are going out, but I don't know if it will last long. I mean I thnk Sterlings the kind of guy Demi should go out with. Yea Joe & Demi broke up, they are just obssesed, they want to live in their own little world! I think she's got a thing for either Rob Kardashian or Travis Clark In a picture of behind the scenes of Sonny with a Chance Sterling sang a John Mayor song to her it's Eternity something I think.

Last month she was spotted holding hands with Lauren Abedini at Disneyland. And now Demi Lovato has admitted that she is open to both dating men and women.… continue reading »

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Is there something going on between Demi Lovato and Alex Gaskarth. they're dating. demi did a duet with WTK and she's not dating travis clark right?… continue reading »

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Does Demi Lovato want to be more than just friends with Travis Clark? Demi, who dated Joe Jonas earlier this year, has been linked to We The Kings' Travis.… continue reading »

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