Updating index on oracle table asynchronous updating

11-Oct-2018 03:07

Oracle indexes : Proper database indexing is a crucial factor for your database performance.

Most Oracle databases have hundreds or even thousands of indexes.

This large number of indexes and their complexity make index tuning and monitoring a difficult task for the DBA.

As time goes, even originally efficient indexes may become inefficient due to various index distortions caused by data changes in the indexed tables.

The question is: How to manage Oracle indexes and what different options are available to use them?

Indexes are logically and physically independent of the data in the associated table.

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Indexes, being independent structures, require storage space.Oracle automatically maintains and uses indexes after they are created.Oracle automatically reflects changes to data, such as adding new rows, updating rows, or deleting rows, in all relevant indexes with no additional action by users.Oracle Text supports the creation of three types of Oracle indexes depending on Oracle application and text source.

The DBA uses the CREATE INDEX statement to create all Oracle Text index types.Context index: Use this index to build a text retrieval application when the database consists of large coherent documents.The DBA can index documents of different formats such as MSWord, HTML, XML, or plain text.With a context index, it is possible to customize the index in a variety of ways.