Updating intellisense 2016

20-Sep-2018 09:09

If you now import the MP will will see at a HP node the CPU and Memory classes created.The most important is to specify the correct OID for the Memory and CPU counters at the datasource configuration.See below: CPU: . . and . I am not going to do a deep dive on this.So since we are SCOM author diehards we are going to build our own MP update monitor.So I used my good old friend ‘Fiddler’ to backward-engineer what the scom console is doing when I press the ‘check for updated management packs’ button.The SOAP request contains a MP list of the MPs that you have already imported.I have used VSAE for this , and I will not share the code but only the idea.I believe you have to know what you are doing and by copy & pasting you don’t learn from it if you don’t have done it once from start till end.

However in VSAE the MP is build of MP fragments and has to be compiled and build.For example not all display strings are applied and no knowledge is supplied.In my production version I have even build in a recovery/console task that also automatically imports the updated MPs..MP download and VSAE project download: https://1drv.ms/f/s!

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Au2eu LDFD_ovil TTr Ll-Xq Smd1tj Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions.I like also the feature to check and import updated MPs that you have already imported in your management group.But what I really miss and don’t understand : why did the product team removed the monitor that gives us a alert when a new MP version is in the MP catalog ?This monitor was build in MOM 2005 but removed in the begin of SCOM 2007.

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